1. in the middle of a eight day trek. 

    in the middle of a eight day trek. 

  2. Back from India.

    So I just spent the last two months traveling with six of my best friends around north India. What an experience. Can I just say that India is one the most crazy and fascinating places ever! 

    I loved it to pieces. Don’t get me wrong, we struggled. But God is faithful. 


    • Its a normal thing to step in cow shit. 
    • I lost 6-7 kg. 
    • I threw up on a temple. (embarrassing)
    • saw four dead bodies.
    • taught a few dance classes. A Mexican dance that turned totally bollywood. Oh those hips certainly do not lie. 
    • got my nose pierced for 150 rupees. (about three bucks)
    • went on a eight day trek up the Himalayan mountains(80+km) with a twisted ankle. (only by Gods grace)
    • spent two weeks in Varanasi. One of the most holiest cities in the world. 
    • went on four Indian night trains. 
    • drank a shit load of chai. 

    And so many more super crazy/cool experinces. The Lord is incredible. 

    ps. next step Scotland. 

  3. what a beautiful day.

    I just sat out in the sun, had a tea with Jesus. It’s 15 degrees out on March 3rd in Switzerland. Nice.

  4. active in the holy spirit.

    I was punched in the stomach by the holy spirit. Literally. I collapsed at his feet. I got prophesied over. I spoke in tongues. I feel fresh. Light. He is so worthy. 

  5. i’m still alive.

    what up people! sorry for the never update situation. Totally my fault. I have been so busy lately that I don’t have much time to even keep in touch. Lame excuse, I know. But I think this upcoming week wont be as hectic so if you wanna skype with me this would be the week! :)

    I have been doing fabulous. Just great. God is doing incredible things in my life. The past two weeks I have been away, off base. Which has bee SUPER nice. The first week we as a class plus staff went to Chatel. Which a YWAM base in the French speaking part of Switzerland. We had 5 days there. One of which was a day of silence. So we couldn’t talk, play music, watch movies or any of that stuff. It was so great though. 

    Anyways I have to go. peeaceee.

  6. german, swiss, dutch and canadian. 
i love my roomies. 

    german, swiss, dutch and canadian. 

    i love my roomies. 

  7. mmm.

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